Now that I code my own pages and do my own Photoshopping, the look of things is a bit more, well, sparse. But you should still be able to find plenty of fun stuff to read here. Eventually, one or more of these fandoms might have a page of their own. And a little jump-down menu might be nice too, mightn't it? Must learn more coding, and soon. But for the time being, all the new fic has a home here.

"Hard-Boiled vs. Sunny-Side-Up": Humorfic. Sark and Marshall eat eggs. Spoilers through the S4 opener, "Authorized Personnel Only."

"The Backup": AU, in which Will's life and emotions are pulled in directions he could never have imagined. Rated NC17. (Jack/Will)

"You Only Live Once": Crossover with "Lost" -- in which we discover why the pilot of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 looked so much like Eric Weiss --

"Irenicon": After the revelations at Wittenburg, Sydney and Jack are further apart than ever. But when Sloane's endgame and Rambaldi's ultimate plan are revealed, father and daughter must bond together to prevent disaster. Rated NC17. (Jack/Irina, Syd/Weiss, Vaughn/Nadia, with some scenes of other pairings)

"Soap Opera": Sydney, Weiss and a bubble bath -- what could go wrong? Weiss wants to know -- when did everything start to go right? (Syd/Weiss)

"Bristow's 11": The only way to recover a priceless Rambaldi artifact is to break into the Xanadu Casino in Las Vegas, and Jack Bristow's the man with the plan. Rated NC17. (J/I, J/K, S/V, JS/LR)

"Escape in Three Directions": Jack and Irina's separate missions in Nicaragua collide, and the resulting games they play entangle Katya, Irina's captors and their own darkest instincts. Rated NC17. (J/I, J/I/K)

"Jack Bristow At The Edge of Reason": In which a vital Rambaldi manuscript makes its way into the possession of of a London publisher, one "Miss Bridget Jones." (JB/BJ, sort of)

"The Prophet's Right Hand": Alternate-reality fic, in which young CIA agent Jack Bristow is given the assignment to meet, seduce and marry KGB agent Irina Derevko. (J/I, S/D, Sl/E)

"Safecracker": Katya considers Irina, Jack and her own past -- and decides that pain is sometimes the better alternative. (J/I, J/K)

"The Thought That Counts": On the first Christmas of Sydney's two missing years, Jack attempts to get through the day despite the imperfection of gifts, both received and given. (J/I)

"Breaking Up The Band": During the first war with Voldemort, the intensity becomes too much for Sirius, Lily, Remus and James, and partnerships become -- confused.(SB/RL, SB/JP, JP/LE, RL/LE)

"Early Hours": In the first days of their relationship at Hogwarts, Sirius dares to ask Remus a few personal questions about being a werewolf. Warning for big, shameless, movie-induced shmoop. (SB/RL)

"Masked": All Harry's friends think Draco may be betraying him. Why won't Harry believe them? (H/D)

"Inhabited By Winter": "Remus wishes to be anywhere else; he wishes to be home, wherever that is. Number 12 Grimmauld Place isn't it. It could be, if he were free to choose. But he is not." (S/R)

"The Bloody Stare of Mars": In a dystopian future after Lord Voldemort's ascent into power, a desperate Hermione Granger turns to Severus Snape for help. But when she becomes a spy in his household, their relationship becomes complicated in ways neither could ever have anticipated. (HG/SS)

"Claire's War": A story told in drabbles, all with titles of "Babylon 5" episodes -- don't ask. AU version of the events after Claire's kidnapping by Ethan's tribe. Rated R. (Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire)

"Making Do": The story of an obviously straight man, his obviously gay boyfriend and the law of supply and demand. Rated NC17. (Jack/Boone)

"Constellations": A few days after the crash, Jack thinks about all he's lost. Rated NC17. (Jack/Kate)

"Extra Charges May Apply": What "Helen" thought of her regular customer on the phone-sex line, John Locke.

"Them Mean Ol', Low-Down, Lando Calrissian Blues": Crossover parody with "The West Wing," "Angel" and more! "Okay, on the off chance that I've misheard you, that perhaps there is a merciful God and my cold medication is just creating auditory hallucinations, let me repeat -- You're saying that Crackpots Day is only a cover for the clandestine supernatural and paranormal activities of the government?"

"Shimmer": Chloe and Lana in the Fortress of Solitude. (Chlana)

"He/We/They/I": Xavier's tea party has one chair for three guests. (X/M, implied)

"Souvenirs": After Alkali Lake, Rogue and Logan try to get away from it all. (Rogue/Logan)

"Given Up": Crossover with "The X-Files," in which an encounter with Xavier makes Scully doubt the most important decision she's ever made. (M/S)

"His Terrible Swift Sword": In the past, a young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr struggle to discover their powers -- and in the near future, humanity is waging war on Magneto's Brotherhood and losing. Rated NC17 for sexual content and references to violence. (Logan/Rogue, Charles/Erik)

"The Long Haul": In the final days before the Federation officers arrive at Deep Space Nine, Kira considers what their presence will mean.

"Tempest-Tost": Jean-Luc and Beverly enjoy an arcadian idyll, where everything is almost too perfect. (P/C)

"Five Things She's Not": Grace tries to deal with her confusion about Joan, about Luke and about herself.

"Goodnight, Moon": Written for the "Day After Tomorrow" challenge, questioning where all fandom's characters will be on the day the world ends. Joan has questions for God, but can she accept God's answer?

"The Gargantuan Garden": When the Baudelaire orphans meet Edward Scissorhands, can any good come of it?

"Put The Blame On Steele": Steele considers the leading lady in his life, and casts about for a happy ending to their tale. (RS/LH)

"The Princess and the Basket Case": Monday morning is going to be SO weird. (C/A)

"Black, White and Red All Over": Agent Cooper's dreams are getting stranger all the time. (DC/AH)

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