Once upon a time, when I first started getting interested in "Alias," I confidently told my friends that it wasn't a fandom that would ever inspire me to write a long, plot-heavy fic.

Now I have a 92,000-word story that takes place over a 30-year time span, involving a couple dozen dead bodies, five gunfights, four continents, three people on Jet-Skis, two volcanoes and a doomsday weapon.

The moral of the story: Never say never.

This story takes place in an alternate reality; "Alias" history begins over, operating from the premise, "What if Jack Bristow had been the one assigned to seduce and spy on Irina Derevko?" No specific spoilers for the show are involved; if you're familiar with the basic premises, you know enough to follow along. The story is rated NC17 for graphic violence and sex. I greatly appreciate the help and encouragement of my beta-readers, Rheanna, Corinna and Kirbyfest, as well as Cassandra's generous loan of her DVDs for review purposes. Above all, I want to thank my friend Marina, whose recollections of her life in the Soviet Union during the 1970s were the greatest imaginable help.

Feedback is greatly welcomed in my mailbox.

Part I: The Mission

Chapter 1A /Chapter 1B / Chapter 1C / Chapter 1D / Chapter 1E

Part II: The Betrayal

Chapter 2A / Chapter 2B / Chapter 2C / Chapter 2D / Chapter 2E

Part III: The Reunion

Chapter 3A / Chapter 3B / Chapter 3C / Chapter 3D / Chapter 3E

Part IV: The Revelation

Chapter 4A / Chapter 4B / Chapter 4C / Chapter 4D / Chapter 4E / Chapter 4F / Chapter 4G

Part V: The Truth

Chapter 5A / Chapter 5B / Chapter 5C / Chapter 5D / Chapter 5E / Epilogue

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