Archived here are the first fanfiction stories I ever wrote. Among them are stories about "The X-Files," the classic "Star Wars" trilogy and "Star Trek." Some of these stories haven't stood the test of time or experience, but are archived here under the principle of full disclosure. Others, I think, stand up very well and are worth reading. I'll let you decide which are which, though.

Han and Leia TLF

My Star Wars fan fiction

(PG) -- In this vignette, set shortly before "Empire Strikes Back," Leia compares and contrasts her upbringing with Han's.

Luke's Girl
(PG) -- Not long after the events of "A New Hope," Han begins to make it his business to find out more about the woman his friend Luke loves and, in the process, forges an unexpected connection.

Spock and Bones

My Star Trek: The Original Series fan fiction

Old Acquaintance
(G) -- Spock makes a visit to the aged Dr. McCoy to discuss both the future and the past.

Mulder and Scully

My X-Files fan fiction

(PG) -- Years after Mulder and Scully left the FBI, bureau agents show up in Scully's office to discuss her missing partner. Scully reveals how much the bureau really doesn't know -- or does she?

(PG-13) -- In the sequel to "Guardian," Mulder's homecoming proves bittersweet in a number of ways.

Two-time Spooky Award winner for Best Crossover.
(PG-13) -- From the department of twisted crossovers comes this story that sets Mulder and Scully in the world of Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale."

The Beast Within
(PG) -- Also from the department of twisted crossovers comes this story -- but I'll leave the crossover for you to figure out as you go. Mulder and Scully's journey to a troubled Louisiana town leads Scully to an encounter with a far more troubled man.

(PG) -- Scully and Mulder have parted ways, but finally, some things cannot be faced alone.

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