by Yahtzee

The following characters are the property of Marvel Comics, 20th Century Fox and various other corporate entities; they are used herein without permission, expectation of profit or intent of infringement. The following story is rated NC-17 for explicit sexual situations, both het and slash, and for references to violence.

This story follows X-Men canon for the movies, rather than for the comics. Where possible, I used the comics canon for background, but the more research I did, the more I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to do comics canon justice without having done the reading so many others have done. Also, in some points the movies and the comics are in clear conflict (Patrick Stewart's Xavier is obviously not from New York), so I went with the movies canon so that I would write what I understood. Spoilers for both X-Men and X2 are included; this story takes place approximately three years after the end of X2.

I owe a great debt of gratitude toward my betas: Starlet (who got me better acquainted with these people), Rheanna (who can plan a world war in about 30 minutes flat), Corinna (who warned me of errors, aardvarkian and otherwise), and most especially Shalott, who bought me dinner when I was flat broke and only asked for a fic in return. Here you go, hon. Hope the return is worth it. Thanks also to Rodney and Jesse, who gave me more information about the X-Men than Stan Lee could ever hope to know, and understand that they are not allowed to read the NC17 stuff, or at least never, ever, through word or deed, to hint that they have read the NC17 stuff.

Feedback is the main reason I write. If you enjoy this story, please send feedback to Yahtzee63@aol.com.

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