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Ah, Angel. They say you're too broody, too guilt-ridden, too obsessive. But I love you just the way you are. Don't ever change.

The themes of guilt, redemption and transformation in the series "Angel" are fascinating for me, and the show's freer structure allows fic writers a lot of room to get in and explore these concepts for ourselves without stepping outside of canon. Angel can re-examine the problems and paradoxes of his existence for eternity -- he's going to live forever, and he's not going to feel all better anytime soon. Poor Angel. Lucky us.


(NC17) "Good question," Lilah replies. "The only answers I have for you are that it's big, it's got horns, and it's fond of gouging out your intestines while you're still alive. And guess what's best of all, Lindsey? It's coming after you."

A Stitch in Time
The story of 104 years and five months.

The Last Virtue
(PG 13) "Gunn has always considered Kwanzaa severely suspect, a fake holiday that has less to do with being black than it does with selling crap like the kente-cloth table runners. In darker moments, he thinks it's probably the result of an evil collaboration between Al Sharpton and Hallmark."

The Uninvited Guest
(R) "'She will tell us all she knows, all she has done. And we will make our judgments accordingly. So you see -- Faith has nothing to fear but the truth.' Like that ain't enough to be afraid of."

On the Education of a Young Man
(PG-13) Containing an assessment of the intellectual and moral advancement of Master Connor Angel, late of Quartoth, in various subjects appropriate for the refinement of a gentleman; in seven parts.

Hoop Screams
(PG) When the Staples Center becomes infested by demons, there's only one detective agency in L.A. the Lakers can call on.

Sea Change
(NC-17) -- "... everything Angel personifies is everything Lindsey's trying to put behind him by boarding a ship bound for the other side of the world. And Angel has spoiled the plan by climbing aboard himself."

Them Mean Ol', Low-Down, Lando Calrissian Blues
Crossover Parody! "Okay, on the off chance that I've misheard you, that perhaps there is a merciful God and my cold medication is just creating auditory hallucinations, let me repeat -- You're saying that Crackpots Day is only a cover for the clandestine supernatural and paranormal activities of the government?"

As Time Goes By
In its own unexpected ways, the Hyperion Hotel remains the last help for the hopeless in the wasteland once known as L.A.
Winner of the Winter 2002 Halo Award for Best Crossover and a Best Character Interaction award from A Whole New World.

The Quality of Mercy
(R) -- Just as Angel's pulling himself back together, Riley shows up, falling apart.
Winner of a Best Angel Fiction award from Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, and Fiction of the Week from the Riley fanfic group.

(R) -- "Listen: there's a hell / Of a good universe next door; let's go." -- e. e. cummings, "1 x 1." Coauthored with Rheanna.

Captive of the Soul
(PG-13) -- Angel's attempt to keep his friends safe from harm might lead them into the greatest danger of all.
Winner of the Summer 2001 Undead Awards Black Onyx Award for Oustanding Darkfic (sponsored by The Darker Side of Sunnydale), and is Recommended Reading by Angel Obsessed.

The Other Half Lives
(PG) -- After Wesley is injured, Cordelia re-examines her feelings for him. But Wesley's making a few changes, too.
1st place winner of the Unconventional Fiction award from the Summer '02 Believe Awards, and the Schmuck Bait Twisty Plot Award

(G) -- What if Angel's shanshu doesn't occur for many, many years to come?
Halo Award winner for Best Future Fic, and is Recommended Reading by Angel Obsessed.

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