Plagiarism Concerns?

Perhaps, as you peruse the "Thought Brackets" section of this site, you find yourself reacting with recognition -- and hostility. "Wait a minute," you say to yourself. "I read these stories before, but they weren't written by anybody named Yahtzee! They were done by someone with the highly imaginative and unique pseudonym of XFScully! How dare this person steal fic?!"

Rest assured; no plagiarism has taken place here. For XFScully is Yahtzee, and I am she. Why the new name? Well, for starters, remember that "highly imaginative and unique" language about the pseudonym? Yes, the sarcasm was thick there. Also, I had a very difficult first-date situation once where a guy leaned across the table and revealed he had put my name into an internet search engine and then pulled up an NC-17 fanfic. Now, it's all well and good to have my friends know I write fic, occasionally of the frisky nature, but I was at that moment convinced that this is a bit of information I want to reveal in my own way, in my own time -- ie, not on the first date. As XFScully had been connected with my real name, I switched pseudonyms to the present, game-idolatrous name you see now.

Have doubts? Do some deep digging, and you'll find clues that the two writers are the same. The imaginary dance Han and Leia did in XFScully's "Luke's Girl" was called the calenada -- the same imaginary dance Londoners were enjoying in Yahtzee's "Phoenix Burning." When Mulder gave Scully the romance novel "Bandit's Embrace" in XFScully's "Gilead," he had no idea that Angel also came across the book in Yahtzee's (and Rheanna's) "Splinter." An unfortunate habit of having heroines blush occurs throughout fic by both pseudonyms, despite serious efforts to curb this tendency. And so on.

If this fails to convince you, then go ahead and write to (The email address still works. The still older email address I once used -- -- was given up a long time ago. Many others have held it since, and some of these poor unfortunate people still take the time to find me and forward feedback. No idea about the current holder, though.) Once emailed, I'll tell you the same thing personally, as well as thank you for your vigilance. I have been plagiarized before, and it's not pleasant at all. But every fic on this site is authored or coauthored by the same writer -- even if she has changed names.

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